Short stories

First creative story and it’s second chapter. 
“Platanos, tomates, mangos, bananos, limonsillos, mmm mangos muy riccos!!!” Shouted a man from his megaphone while cruising the field in his rusty, blue pick-up truck.  He swerved the truck and parked in front of a small house with a black iron staircase leading to the second floor of the house.  The staircase merged in to a gate made of heart-shaped swirls that created a pattern and sturdy railing where an older woman leaned. 
“Senora, would you like to by some platanos today, you know I’ll give you a special price” said the man as he winked, thinking his suave nature would make the sale.
“Not today, I’m out of money.  I’m sorry but you’ll have to come back another day”, said the lady. 
The man stared at the dirt ground, pensively.  The goofy smile returned to his face and he handed a bunch of plantains to a neighborhood boy to bring up to the senora.
“These are on me,” he said.
“Aye, thank you.  Come back tomorrow, I’m going to need a bunch of your good mangos for my grandson who’s visiting tomorrow.  You know I would never buy from someone else”, said the lady, returning the wink.  
“Don’t worry, I’ll be back.  Have a good day”, and with that the man jumped back in to his pick up and continued selling his truck-full of fruits and vegetables.
            The next morning, Jacqueline woke to the crackling of frying oil.  Her Grandmother was pressing hot plantain slices between two plates to make flat plantain pancakes, perfect for frying!  Waking up from a bad night, Jacqueline was relieved to know that she could still rely on her grandma for making the delicious fried plantains that always started her day off feeling at home, protected, and comforted like the naive child her grandmother still treated her as.  But, she knew better.  And she could still feel that pang in her stomach reminding her that she was no longer the innocent child her grandmother thought she was and that a few fried plantains were not going to make that go away.  All of a sudden, Jacqueline decided she wasn’t hungry anymore and returned to her room quietly as not to let her grandma know she had awake.  She crept back in to bed, easily falling in to a deep sleep in hopes that it would take her mind off of things for a few more hours. 
“Aye Margarita, I can’t get her to get out of bed!  Tell that lazy girl that this is her summer, she shouldn’t be wasting it away sleeping!” said Jacqueline’s grandmother, Paula.
“Oh have a heart!  The poor girl.  It’s so hard to understand what’s going on in her head sometimes” said Jacqueline’s aunt, Nina. 
“You’re the youngest out of her aunts.  And Nina, I know you understand life, go and talk to her for me? Please?”
“I can try, but I can’t promise anything.  These things take time.  Whatever teenage drama she’s going through, she probably feels like it’s the end of the world right now”.
Nina took a few more sips of her sugar filled coffee and left the table to go talk to her niece.  She knocked on the door, “Jacqie, you awake?”.  There was no response, so she opened the door to find her niece curled up on her bed, fully dressed, staring at the blank wall in front of her.
“Tia Nina? Is that you?” She asked. 
“It’s me” she said, taking a seat next to her niece.
“Jacqie, what is going on with you carino?  You’re not yourself, and your abuela is so worked up about it!  You should see her, I swear all she’s done is cook food after food, just mumbling to herself about her lazy granddaughter.”  “But, she’s also very worried about you” added Nina when she realized that the image of grandmother acting like a lunatic didn’t produce a smile on her niece’s face.   
Jacqueline sat up, and looked in to her Tia’s eyes.  She couldn’t hold back, just the thought of a loved one worrying about her  brought on the feelings guilt and the tears began to flow from her eyes.  At an instant her aunt held her in her arms and stroked her hair. 
“Jacqie my love,  I know more about this than you think.  Darling, I know you think it’s the end of the world, but you don’t deserve this!  I just want you to know that none of this is your fault!” Said Nina.  Not able to give a clear response, Jacqie continued bawling her eyes out, her face buried in the bosom of her aunt. 

Ellie woke up in her bed made of an Altoids box and matted down cotton balls.  She stretched her paws and rubbed her small black eyes.  How long would this go on for? , thought Ellie as she saw her mother packing their belongings in to a small plastic bag. 
“Ellie, sweetie, get dressed.  It’s time to go.  The store opens up in ten minutes.  We need to go, now!”
“Mom, why?” she said as she curled back up in her bed. 
“Elliot pester, how many times do I have to tell you?!”  The tears started to form in her eyes.
“Ellie”, she said. “Your father, I miss him.  Every day I face the challenge of not having him.  But darling, I still have you and it’s going to stay that way.  Do you understand me?”
Ellie was in shock from her mother’s serious tone, but then immediately understood that despite what she thought, she had to follow her mother’s orders in order to keep her sane.  Quietly she started packing her things.  When it was all together, the two heard the bell hanging in the door way ring as someone opened the door. 
“Now!” her mother shouted and they scurried through a hole, leading to the bathroom where they entered a broken pipe that led to the outside.  They stood behind a smelly dumpster.  Elliot’s mother widened her eyes, and Ellie understood it to mean that they had to be quiet, because every mouse knew that dumpsters were rat territory.   They creeped under the dumpster, staying close to the sides.  Ellie looked behind her and when she looked forward she could see how close she was to the light.  Her mother ran behind her.  The second she stood in front of the dumpster, she felt the morning sun on her small grey face.   Her mother ran into her back, and said, “Ellie what on earth are you doing? Move!”.
                But, Ellie just stood there, staring up, not at the sun, but at a sick smile of sharp, yellow teeth.  Its wrinkled whiskers and huge black eyes ran shivers down Ellie’s back.  The seconds she stood there staring up at the rat seemed long, but then out of nowhere a street cat leaped at the sick creature.  Ellie thought even lower of cats than she did rats, but at that moment she was thankful.  Without a word Ellie and her mother fled as the rat stayed behind to be toyed with, until hours later when it would become the dinner for a starving cat.
 Starving.  Ellie could care less about food, her mother and she made it by finding crumbs of food on floors of restaurants.  But Ellie was starving, for a home, for her old life.  She would wake up in a nest of dandelions to her father standing proudly in front of a hill of nuts and berries.  “Who cares about the birds”, he would say.  “It’s the early mouse who gets the worm!”

                Leona sat crosslegged at the bus stop with her hair still tight in a bun and the false eye lashes and powder and foundation making her face look doll-like except for the red lipstick that was now a pale pink.  She held her dress wrapped in plastic on her lap and held it high so it wouldn't swipe the ground as she stepped on to the bus.  Her dancing career barely covered the payments she needed to make for food and her small rented out room from a croweded apartment.  She held the stress on her shoulders, but didn't let it bring her down since she was proud to be on her own and away from the past that she had almost completely ereased from her mind, or at least for now.
                 She stepped on to the bus, paid her fair and sat in a seat close to the middle.  At first she paid no attention to the other passengers.  This was until she saw out of the corner of her eye  a thick black mustache that met the brim of a tan fedora.  Fear struck her heart at once, and just as she began to doubt herself the man lifted his head showing his dark sinister eyes.  They weren't surprised to see her, but instead they seemd as if he had been expecting her.  The sly smile appeared on his face as hers flushed with fear.  The second she realized the bus was at a stop she lurched from her seat, dress in hand, but before she even came close to getting out of the door she tripped on the long plastic covering the dress and fumbled to the ground.  With tears beginning to form her eyes she slowly lifted her head until her eye's met his.  She had failed herself, and felt at that moment knew that there was no escaping him.  Still she blubbered, "please don''t.....", but stopped herself because she knew there was nothing she could do.

           Mary Lou was a small brunette, with bangs and her hair to her shoulders.  She had barely any make-up on and wore a pastel peach skirt tight at her teeny waist, but that flared out until it went a little past her knees.  She sat impatiently, until the bus arrived to take her to Benson's Animal Farm.  To her surprise, when she got on to the bus was a young handsome man in a green shirt with the Benson's Animal Farm logo.  Unexpectedly, his blue kaleidoscope eyes caught her attention more than the shirt and within seconds she went flying towards the ground.  Until that moment he had paid her no attention at all, but was the first on the ground helping her up.  He caught a glance of her sweet brown eyes and smiled flirtatiously while helping her up and offering up the seat next to his. 
"Oh thank you so much!  That usually never happens!", she said.
"No worries, it happens to the best of us"
She smiled shyly and started up the conversation she had planned in her head the seconds before her treacherous fall. 
"So, you work at the animal farm?"
"I'm headed there now"
"No kidding, me too.  You wouldn't happen to know Deborah would you?"
"Yeah I know her"
"She's my sister"
            The bus pulled to a stop and the two continued theirconversation as they stepped off the bus.  Neither of them knew at that moment, but the beginning of their conversation was only the beginning to the lives that they would devote to each other for the many years to come.